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New Release: The Artist

by Suzanne Hagelin

A young art student lands a summer job in Italy where she becomes captivated by the work of a famous artist.

A young art student is thrilled when she gets the job of a lifetime on the northeastern coast of Italy. The glorious estate of J.K. Renghal, a wealthy and successful artist who had made great waves in the international art world, filled his palace with unique chambers for his art and music. There seemed to be no end to his creativity or versatility. The gathering of young art enthusiasts who came to work there simply added to the composition.
Experiencing the world through the eyes of the artist unexpectedly shapes the student's attitude toward life.

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Reklas Abandon

by Natasha Kennedy and Lindsay Kennedy

"Reklas Abandon" is a graphic novel about a rich young woman who recklessly buys an abandoned mansion having no idea what mystery and danger lurks within. It's an original story with unique artwork and hints of humor, satire, and suspense.

This one-off graphic novel by artist Natasha Kennedy and her husband Lindsay Kennedy began as an experiment in publishing, and became a great adventure in the world of graphic novels and comicons. The BIG series we are all waiting for, "The Tempest", is in the writing/drawing stage right now -- though the saga has been blossoming for years; an amazingly intricate story of drama, fantasy, and mystery, full of uniquely developed characters, told in beautiful artwork. Want to know more?

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